the most popular colors in 2018…so far!

Arden Reecetrending colors

Our world is changing and along with that so is our favorite color. Collectively, the world’s favorite color has been blue. But when I posted a poll with the actual colors as per the Munsell notation noted with names most would understand, the true favorite color became quite clear and it’s…

spring 2013 fashion colors

Arden Reecetrending colors

Pantone released their fashion colors trend report for Spring and there certainly is something for everyone, no matter your coloring and tonalities.  From deep emeralds and rich blues, to soft jades and grays or bright vibrant yellows and oranges, you will certainly see quite a range in the stores this upcoming season. Greens and blues are certainly dominant but the … Read More

why our visual complements are key in what colors to wear

Arden Reecepersonal color analysis

why after-images are important in what to wear

So, there’s this story that in the 1950’s and 60’s, surgeons and doctors were complaining of headaches and eye strain after long moments in the operating room. Apparently they kept seeing blue-green spots after spending several hours at surgery. At the time, doctors and surgeons wore bright whites to convey ‘cleanliness’ yet those bright whites and bright lights in the surgery room … Read More