A New Earth

Arden Reececolor healing

From a June 1 vision I received from the Upper-Dimensional Violet beings. This addresses the current wave of conflict in the U.S. that will continue through Sept/Oct timeframe and the new world that is emerging.

high-vibe colors: your portal to authentic beauty

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high-vibe colors

You have colors that transform and empower your authentic beauty. At Arden Reece Color, we look at your entire authentic expression in order to uncover the colors that support and inspire you. At the core of your own personal color palette are your High-Vibe Colors™.

we interrupt your life to bring you this very important message…

Arden Reececolor healing

Inner Beauty Wisdom

Chaos disrupts and ScRaMbLeS your energy. Chaos is what you put it in your body, your home, in what you watch and what you surround yourself with. It comes from your choice of career, choice of technology, choice of friends…and choice of thoughts. If you’re feeling stuck, anxious, stressed or out of control, this issue of CHAOS alone will stop … Read More