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what color can teach us about managing our energy

Last updated on March 25, 2021

When it comes to managing our energy at our basest level, we use energy to survive: food, sex, warm shelter.  Anything that can’t sustain us for long, such as sugar and other addictive energy sources, make us crash.

So obviously it’s important to fill our bodies with sustainable energy such as all colors of plants and organic foods. We know this.

But it doesn’t stop there. Color is energy and when all the colors in the spectrum combine, they’re even more powerful as they unify to become light.

What Einstein discovered through his quantum theory of light was that light was energy and he hypothesized that color consisted of waves and photons, not just waves as many thought. (he was proven right, by the way.)

Without color (aka light), we would not exist.

"Colour are light’s suffering and joy."

Managing Your Energy

Light contains quantum and mechanical energy…meaning all energy, including our thoughts, oscillates at certain frequencies. Our thoughts have colors, trust me. ;)

So it’s important to sustain and build our energy not with just colorful plants and food but with inspiring books, active play and laughter, creative expression through dance and art…all manner of color including what we wear and what we surround ourselves with in our environments.

Here’s the payoff:  If you create harmony with color in your life and mind, there will be more of that in your life than conflict.

mother teresa quote

If you avoid conflict, you’re essentially projecting conflict from your mind to other minds. You have not dispelled conflict, you have created more of it. You know what it feels like to run into someone who’s in a bad mood…they don’t have to say a thing!

In order to have peace, joy, wealth, love…whatever it is you want in your life, you must start with holding the energy of those vibrations and send those out. And each of those has a color!

"Giving it is how you keep it."

Color is a beautiful language for us to use when concerning ourselves with our own energy and it also teaches us that together, we are unified as we co-create these ways of being. It’s quantum. :)

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