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high-vibe colors: your portal to authentic beauty

Last updated on March 25, 2021

You Have Colors That Transform And Empower Your Authentic Beauty.

Authentic beauty is what encompasses your inner and outer beauty.

  • Your inner beauty is your essence—what is related to what makes you, you—that unseen energy, your spiritual essence and your personality.
  • Your outer beauty is your own physical expression; it entails your physical traits & characteristics, how you express yourself and how you care for yourself.


I like to look at your entire authentic expression in order to uncover the colors that support and inspire you. At the core of your own personal color palette are your High-Vibe Colors™.

high-vibe colors

Your High-Vibe colors are used to magnify your intentions and express your divine essence.

Utilizing my years of research and studies in the art and science of color, I’ve identified 14 power colors that align your personal energy & vibrations with your coloring & personality…upleveling your ability to express your true authentic beauty.

These colors are split into two groups called your Essence and Magnetic colors – they are unique to you and have an amazing capacity to support you in all areas of your life including enhancing your appearance and surroundings.

Essence Colors

  • Your Essence colors mirror you. They match and enhance your coloring and create the opportunity for meaningful connections.
  • Useful for support at home, in the wardrobe and within your brand. Great for natural makeup colors, hair color and showing your essence.

Magnetic Colors

  • Your Magnetic colors magnify you. They help support you and magnify your truth and who you are.
  • Useful for setting certain intentions in your life and business through clothing, accessories or wall colors. Also useful for home accent pieces, makeup and nail polish colors.

There is much to explore and discover about ourselves with color as color is the direct feedback of light and consciousness and allows you to express your essence!

Your High-Vibe Colors are the portal to your authentic beauty and are determined specifically for you based on your…

  • Color Personality – Your color personality is the bridge between your inner and outer worlds. You can find out more in this post I did on discovering what colors match your personality.
  • Your Inner and Outer “Coloring” – the physical colors in your hair, skin and eyes, their harmonies, as well as the unseen colors and energy you transmit are all taken into consideration.
  • Your Soul and Life Path Colors – These colors are key in aligning with your soul’s purpose and life work. Going through a private reading is one way to discover these.

It all comes back to my core belief in being true to who you are. Your authentic beauty is a combination of both inner and outer aspects and color is an intelligence that can convey both.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can be of service to you:

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Color is the bridge to your own spiritual awakening and enlightenment... and the energy of color is here to support you. ........................ 🌈✨........................ I’m an expert in color who’s also a clairvoyant channel. In 2013, my gift took a spin and I started seeing colored soul visions of my clients as I was pulling colors for them. That is when I discovered we all have soul colors! (These are very different from the aura colors that I already was seeing.) ................................................................. I’m looking forward to sharing a bit more about the energy of color and some special channeled messages with you here. ................................................................. If you’re a creative, mystically-inclined coach or guide and would like to get aligned and prosperous, join my Thursday newsletter here: http://smpl.ro/newsletter
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