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Gain Clarity by Visiting Your Future Self

When I was 13 years old, I discovered a practice that would change my life.

I didn’t know how to process all the physical changes I was undergoing and I felt ugly and despondent. My mother wasn’t emotionally present for me and never talked to me about the changes I was experiencing…I felt so alone.

I remember going into the bathroom, locking the door, and crying.

In desperation for clarity and guidance, I looked up through the skylight and begged my future self to help me out.

“Please give me hope that one day I’ll turn into a beautiful woman instead of the awkward, gangly teenager in the mirror before me.”

And you know what? She showed up. Very powerfully and very lovingly. I couldn’t wait to meet her one day.

Throughout the years I kept up the practice of visiting my future self and asking for love and guidance.

It wasn’t until I was 45 that I massively upgraded my practice to something truly life-changing.

At that time, I had lost everything…my business, my marriage, my confidence.

I needed clarity on what I was to do with my life and decided to “visit” my future self and see if she had any pearls of wisdom.

But this time, I created a powerful visualization for myself that integrated wisdom from my own experiences and my various teachers.

I then visited my future self five years into the future and asked what she did to get to her present satisfaction.

She shoved a paintbrush in my hand and then pushed me into a pool

“Start painting!” she admonished.


That’s your advice? I must be getting this whole “visit” wrong. 

I didn’t trust my intuition.

Looking back, it was SPOT ON.

At first, I had a hard time understanding the message so I took her literally and painted.

As time went on, I slowly started to frame my work around this new way of understanding color.

It wasn’t until a few years later I realized the real meaning of why my future self threw me into the pool:

To “immerse” myself into an awareness of color and my Self.

Now, I make it a practice to visit my future self living out her best expression and life at least once a year.

If you’re looking to gain clarity on your direction, follow these key tips:


Three Tips for Visiting Your Future Self


  1. ONE.  For your answer to be crystal clear, keep the questions to your future self to one or two only. Write them down before you go through the visualization process of visiting your future self.


  1. TWO.  Have no expectations. Don’t go into a visualization practice hoping that you’ll be shown an amazing house, lots of money, and a happy family if that’s what you dream of. It is not about wish fulfillment. It’s about being open and listening to what is shared, however unclear it may seem.


  2. THREE. Trust what is shared with you. Even if you don’t understand it, take action and follow the guidance. Know that your future Self is you, knows you better than you do, and only wants the best for you.

If you’re ready to visit your future self and receive the healing color(s) you need right now, you can go through the guided meditation that I have just for you (it takes 20 minutes) or you can simply close your eyes and envision your visit.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can be of service to you:

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Color is the bridge to your own spiritual awakening and enlightenment... and the energy of color is here to support you. ........................ 🌈✨........................ I’m an expert in color who’s also a clairvoyant channel. In 2013, my gift took a spin and I started seeing colored soul visions of my clients as I was pulling colors for them. That is when I discovered we all have soul colors! (These are very different from the aura colors that I already was seeing.) ................................................................. I’m looking forward to sharing a bit more about the energy of color and some special channeled messages with you here. ................................................................. If you’re a creative, mystically-inclined coach or guide and would like to get aligned and prosperous, join my Thursday newsletter here: http://smpl.ro/newsletter
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