Here’s why your creative practice has dropped off

Are you feeling guilty for not writing in your journal regularly or not staying consistent with your creative work?

Well…that typically means everything is “back to normal” in your life.

Say what?

Meaning, life is back to its regular groove…just getting ready to get stuck again. 😂 

What Shaun McNiff, author of “Art Heals” noticed in his work in art therapy was that for many, creative expression ends when we return to our more normal life patterns.

I know this is true for me whether it’s painting, drawing, knitting, or writing. For example, I quit writing in my journal and creating artwork when life is good. 

Yet as many experts point out, when we stop our creative work, we miss out on changing and improving our lives in more incremental ways. 

To become our best selves and prevent the blocks from coming up, it’s important to sustain consistent art-making practices

It doesn’t have to be painting or drawing…it can be singing, writing, playing a musical instrument, or doing needlework. 

To keep the ‘stuckness’ from rearing its head back up in my life, I now create art in a 10-minute morning practice using Procreate, which is art software for the iPad.

Procreate allows me to create painting-inspired works without the added mess or time.

Right when I wake up and my brain is still in a restful state, I draw and play with color for 10 minutes while listening to music. 

It’s fun, therapeutic, and starts the day off right. 

Try and create your art-making morning practice! It’s a great preventative way to stay unstuck and free your imagination.

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

I’m an award-winning former brand marketer and personal stylist turned Intuitive Color Translator. I’ve created a method and system to reveal your true colors, connect you with your powerful presence and position you in the world as a powerful, creative force. I support creative entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders to embody the heart and soul of color and get ColorFluent. And I help gifted folks to make sense of the magical aspects of color so that they can work with it in doing what their soul came here to do. Get started in working with me by taking my assessment.
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