Help, how do I know what my favorite color is?

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I got a question last week in regards to how to use your favorite and least favorite colors in making decisions, ”What if you can’t decide what your favorite and least favorite color is?”

I’ve discovered through my work that it’s much easier to focus on the type of color first versus honing in on one color.

12 years ago in a color seminar for professional designers and architects, we were asked to identify and rank our top favorite colors.  What I noticed was that every participant created colors that mirrored their personality and coloring.

This realization has been confirmed by what Johannes Itten discovered: we are innately attracted to the colors within us.

Knowing this, here are four ways you can narrow down your favorite and least favorite colors:

1. Explore the colors within your dominant color personality type.

These colors align with your personality and coloring, so it’s easy to pick a few as favorites.

Don’t know your color personality? Take the quiz to discover yours here.

2. What values do you prefer and detest?

An attribute of color is value – do you prefer and/or dislike colors that are light, medium, dark, or a mixture of two?

For example, I hate super dark colors and you’ll never find me decorating with them even though I’ll wear black from time to time (it’s easy). I prefer lighter to medium-light colors. Knowing this helps me to narrow down the selections for my favorite and least favorite colors.  Goodbye forever dark maroon!

"My choice of colors does not rest on any scientific theory; it is based on observation, on feeling, on the very nature of each experience.”

Henri Matisse

3. What are the Top 3 colors in your home and wardrobe?

Or your favorite painting or piece of art?

Take a quick look at the dominant colors in your decor and closet – they’re there because you gravitated to them for some reason.

I will say here to ignore the neutrals (whites, grays, and blacks) since you’re looking for your favorite color. Unless you’re adamant about black or white being your favorite, keep them out of the equation as only 1-3% of the population considers them as favorites.

4. Lastly, what one color has followed you through the years?

Look back to what colors you had in your home and wardrobe in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Is there a color you’ve always gravitated towards?

Maybe it’s changed a bit in intensity or value but it’s part of the same color family. For me, yellow-green has always popped up but only when it was paired with blue-green.

Blue-green, however, has popped up without any supporting color: from rich teals to light seafoam and turquoise. It’s always been part of my life.

Your favorite color is one that you happily enjoy looking at all by itself.  My research shows it’s probably turquoise or blue.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of your favorite and least favorite colors.


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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

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