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The New Spiritual Colors Stepping Forward for Your Growth + Transformation

Last April, I shared a message of how we were all cocooning and the detailed process of what’s happening to our physical and metaphysical bodies as we undergo this transformation. It’s a very important message if you haven’t heard it yet. 

Now, we are at the beginning stages of breaking out of our individual cocoons (actually it’ll occur in the latter part of the year…patience!), the new spiritual colors are making a presence. As you get ready to emerge, the light is getting lighter and lighter in your cocoon, softly waking you up.  You are starting to sense there is a new world outside of your veiled cocoon and you’re feeling it’s glowing warmth.  The colors that are glowing are a beautiful orange sunset, a soft pink, and a warm Golden Light.

Along with these colors, there are a couple of other colors that will slowly begin to make a presence. Next to the lovely sunset, peachy-pink color is a softer coral red that is becoming more dominant in our root chakra.  A softer violet and blue-violet will also emerge along with light blues and greens.

new spiritual colors

As stated in last year’s video, the pink (soft red-violet) is providing you transformative energy. Similar to the color of rose quartz, it’s becoming important as we move into this month as well as the coming months; take it as a reminder of love from the universe.  Many know rose quartz as the “love” stone but it’s more than simply healing our broken hearts; it’s about reminding yourself of your love, of who you really are.

Emerging from your cocoon is something that’s coming forward for many folks and it will bring what Spirit is calling “New Hope.” This new hope is a different kind of faith and hope; one that is solid and grounded.  

We’ve all gone through a strong Vortex of energy this past year.  For many of us, there has been sadness, anger or frustration. And while you’ve processed these experiences in your way, you’ve been asked to stay centered and continue to ‘go within.’ Now that we’re coming out of this energy, we’ll be landing flat on our feet.

New Spiritual Colors are Here to Support You in The New World

The world will look the same but it’s going to be different and the difference is these colors are different…the energy is different.

Many of you have sensed (or know) that your chakra colors have been changing colors — they’ve been getting a little bit lighter as you connect with your inner wisdom. These are softer colors that are stepping forward. Softer because they will be holding you through this transition and transformation.  

The brighter colors that we know to be part of our chakra colors have strong duality messages. For example, red communicates both passion and anger.  Moving forward, these dual meanings will not be necessary as we move into non-duality.  

The softer colors are now stepping forward and waking us all up in a kinder, gentler way in which you won’t even remember breaking out of your cocoon. All of a sudden, you’ll state “I’m here, I’ve arrived.”

New and Exciting Times Ahead Will Open Up New Spiritual Gifts

Once you land on your feet from coming through this deep blue Vortex, it’ll be time for you to begin your work. Each of you has an individual purpose. These are very exciting times yet it’s going to move so fast and it’s going to be effortless; the way things happen will be very easy.

They’re saying “there is much to be excited about but there’s also lots of work. Enjoy being in the Cocoon and enjoy being inside and reminding yourself of who you are. Enjoy the colors that are lighting up around you.”  The colors have a certain song to them, they are speaking to you and you recognize it, yet when you finally come out of this cocoon you’ll see the breadth of it. There’ll be no looking back.

In fact, you won’t want to. It’s going to be different–the physical world will look the same but they’re saying the energy or Essence that you carry will be different. In fact, you’ll look at how you saw things prior to this moment and won’t believe how much you’ve changed. It’ll be like you’ve graduated in a sense and there’ll be a true desire to never want to go back to the ‘old ways.’

As many of us land on our feet, we won’t be alone. There are also many other souls here on this Earth that are stepping forward to do this work and there are beings stepping forward from many different dimensions.  They’re showing beings such as angels, and beings that are almost metallicy and glowy that are from different realms. All kinds of beings in these beautiful colors will begin to step forward because we’ll start to see who we truly are and recognize it in others.

Glimpses of Omniscient Sight is Coming Forward

There has been a message from Spirit that has been coming forward for a while about the ability to have omniscient sight.  It’s a spherical view of seeing God, the universe, the world, and knowing the past, present and future all at the same time. It’s this type of viewing that you’ll get glimpses of.  It’ll be easier to have this type of vision in this newer energy.

They’re showing that it just grows, it’s like this bubble or sphere of knowing that just keeps growing. It’s like when you invest $5 in a savings account every month for like fifty years and then you have millions of dollars due to compounded interest. This concept of compounded knowledge is what is coming forward. And it will feel like it happens really quickly and all of a sudden but remember, this is compounded knowledge. Remember, you’ve been working, working, working and growing, growing, growing for many lifetimes.  So you’ll now start to see the fruits of this compound effect. It’s not something that’s a “miracle” because it’s something that’s been coming forward for a very long time.

Continue in holding the energy of hope, faith, and inner stillness.

Blessings to you all.

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