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how to use the supportive energy of yellow soul colors

Last updated on March 26, 2021

Yellow soul color energy is one of the most supportive color energies out there. By focusing on the color, you can easily transform any self-limiting beliefs to positive actions.

Banish Limiting Beliefs

How many times has the phrase, “I can’t” come up in your daily life? 

Perhaps you’ve heard it from friends, family members, or even yourself,

“I can’t make it tonight,”

“I can’t afford that right now,”

“I can’t do anything in this world without money.”

It’s limiting because it’s rooted in fear.  Fear of failure, of embarrassment, of being vulnerable.

This constriction that often holds us back feels like it’s a small tap on the brakes, like it’s holding us back ever so slightly.

The opposite of fear is freedom. Freedom from illusion and it’s constraints…from 'I can’t' to 'I CAN.'

If we just GO FOR IT, fear dissipates and we wind up doing amazing things.

A perfect example is when I was in high school …a bit dated as an example but bear with me.

I was not popular and fairly insecure as a 16-year old. There was a position in ASB open for senior year that only someone ‘popular’ could get. (I know! It’s so silly but it was REAL to me at the time.) I decided to apply for it because I had some amazing ideas to make it really awesome and I truly wanted to be of service.

I rehearsed and rehearsed. I wrote out my ideas and committed them to memory. I was ready. As I stood outside the closed room of another interview going on, I started to get nervous. This was an interview with my peers, the popular ones. Would they see me? I was worried and started to doubt. Then, the door opened and out walked the most popular girl in our class. She was going for the same position as me!!

Taken aback, I quickly queried, “How’d it go?” Her ever-so-slight smirk coupled with a breezy, “IT went GREAT!” triggered something in me.

Immediately I thought and said to myself, “I’ll show you!” I CAN do this.

And, I got the position. 😄

It was like the moment when a bull is released from the gate…all of this energy inside was finally released and transformed from the constriction of fear to the limitless potential of “I Can.”

The “you” or “them” in the statement, “I’ll show you!” is really about the “me.”  Meaning, you are showing yourself you can do it.

If you externalize “you” (which I did in high school), it’s not a hurtful comment to the other person. You are making yourself better by DOing it, by showing “them.”

Collectively, this “I can’t” fear-based consciousness needs to change

Everybody worries and limits themselves in some capacity. Most often about money.

Yet, when we release these concerns and allow our vibrant energy full of amazing possibility to come forward, all fear is dispelled.

And that’s how the Yellow Soul Color, the cosmic cheerleader, supports you.

“I CAN do this! I’ll show them.”

Yellow energy reminds you that you CAN.


You can and will.

Download Your Free Yellow Soul Color Wallpaper And Get Inspired

By using Yellow, which is supporting and uplifting, I created this special mantra wallpaper and wanted to share it with you as a gift. Yellow souls are the connectors, they are your cosmic cheerleader. Rely on yellow to help you move from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

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yellow soul color wallpaper

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