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How to deal with your new spiritual gifts and intuition

In all the excitement of gaining a new intuitive gift, you may be thinking, “I have this new spiritual gift… I must share it NOW!!” My advice? Hold on a second. 😂  https://youtu.be/tfeeqJwvuV0 It’s so important to get comfortable with your energy, how you receive this gift, how

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The Spiritual Meaning of Colors
color meanings

The Spiritual Meaning of Color

https://youtu.be/mwyWT3hXeZE What are the spiritual meanings of soul colors? Your soul color is what color your soul was born with and it helps you to deliver on your purpose and become your best self. In the video, I cover 14 colors and their spiritual meanings.

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the insight of blue-violet
soul colors

master life’s vortex with the calm of blue-violet energy

Using color for healing is incredibly beneficial and blue-violet energy is one that helps you to get calm and go within to listen to your inner wisdom…especially when life gets craZy.

A very dear friend of mine (who’s every bit a normal single working mom) was describing some very exciting and crazy things that were happening in her life. She was ever-mindful of ensuring she didn’t disrupt her kids’ energy at home.

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how to use the supportive energy of yellow soul colors

By using yellow soul color energy, which is supporting and uplifting, I created this special mantra wallpaper and wanted to share it with you as a gift. Yellow souls are the connectors, they are your cosmic cheerleader. Rely on yellow to help you move from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

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