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What it means if your aura or chakras are gray

Gray is a color that represents passiveness and neutrality. Yet, seeing gray in the aura or chakras is a great indicator of some type of dis-ease. The sooner you can catch it, the better your chance of healing it.

Some of the most famous color healers and psychics such as Charles Leadbeater, Edgar Cayce, Theo Gimbel, and Alex Tanous have had deep experience in seeing these colors. Along with my own work, I share a summary of what we know about these gray colors and their meanings.

The Location Points to the Program

When seen in the auric field, gray is mainly associated with the personality or emotions of the person. It tends to mean someone is depressed, sad, discouraged, or ill.  Alex Tanous wrote that gray “suggests illness, strictness, somberness or conservative qualities.”

If gray is shown in a particular spot on the body, it points to that area in the physical body that is blocking energy and may indicate disease or a malfunction in that specific area. 

If gray is shown in a particular chakra area, it is blocking energy from entering. Meaning, the person may be having a hard time receiving energy and manifesting their desires. 

Theo Gimbel (a member of Rudolf Steiner’s Theosophical Society) did amazing work with color healing of the chakras and auras and he identified the following issues that occur when you see gray in these chakra areas.

  • > Crown:  relates to thoughtlessness.
  • > 3rd eye: it blocks insight through a “lack of images”
  • > Throat: conveys silence, autism, and/or perfectionism
  • > High-Heart/Thymus (below the clavicle): conveys over-generosity or is not able to receive
  • > Heart: can be too open or indiscriminate
  • > Solar Plexus: means overconfidence
  • > Sacral: high libido or strong sex drive
  • > Root: conveys overactivity

The 7 Shades of Gray

In addition to the location of gray within the aura or chakras, there’s the actual color of gray that provides you with further information on the problem. 

Most grays are muted down colors and will also take on a negative meaning of that particular hue. If it’s a true neutral gray, it’s a balance of black and white. Here are the 7 shades you may come across and what they mean:


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