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Here are 3 reasons why using your soul color helps you in life

The One Color You must use

You have many colors that are right and perfect for you.

In fact, I’ve identified more than 14 that have specific jobs to support you in life.

These colors need to mirror your dominant and supporting Color Personalities IF you wear them.

But there’s ONE that you must use in some capacity and that’s your soul color.


three reasons why using your soul color helps you in life:

  • ONE. You need clarity around your purpose and what you’re here to do.
    Your soul color is aligned with a specific purpose that works together with other soul colors for an overall purpose of Divine love and unity. For example, a yellow soul is to bring forward connection, acceptance, and non-judgment…these souls enlighten.

    Using your soul color serves as a reminder to you of your true purpose here and helps bring it forward.

  • TWO. You want to trust your decisions and wisdom.
    You may tend to doubt yourself and fear moving forward or making a decision. Your soul color can be used as a support to connect you with your soul and trust the wisdom within you.

  • THREE. You want to feel aligned mind, body, and spirit.
    This is where the magic truly happens to how your soul color helps you in life.

    Remember, color is energy and when you use your soul’s supporting energy, you are creating a strong connection with source. This creates tiny miracles where you experience synchronicities and find ease and joy in your daily life.


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2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

1. Determine your soul color with a Guided Meditation
2. Create an integrated and authentic life with private, intuitive guidance.

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