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Green…the color of hope, health and luck. For many of us, we think of nature’s bounty from grass to trees to the good-for-us food we eat. It nourishes our bodies and gives us the air we breathe through photosynthesis. Green sits right in-between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum and is considered a secondary color since yellow (sun) and blue (water) create green (grass.)

Depending on it’s chroma and color personality, it can go from deep forest green to army green and olive to grass green, sage or even mint green. There are lots of varieties from cooler emerald greens to warmer yellow-greens. It’s nature’s neutral and a great color to add to your core wardrobe. (I offer four neutral palettes which include the right green for you based on if you are Warm, Cool, Silver-Warm or Silver-Cool.)

Along with being a great neutral, green is wonderful to add to your wardrobe or home. It pairs beautifully with denim/navy, blue, aqua, tan, white/ivory, and gray or black. For a peaceful home office, try mint green. Add a green accessory such as jewelry, a scarf, tote or shoes to add a pop of color….green brings life and hope and helps you feel connected to the planet (no wonder it’s used for eco-friendly themes.)

green for the wardrobe and home

As shown in the picture above, here’s a few fun suggestions to get you thinking about adding green (some are affiliate links which means they pay me a small fee if you make a purchase):

So, what does wearing green say about you? It *could* mean you are celebrating St. Patty’s Day, the color of the ‘Emerald Isle’ (aka Ireland.)  But, in many countries, it could convey that you are full of life, healthy, and/or environmentally aware…all great meanings in my book. In the U.S. it also stands for luck and money so it could be a great color to wear when you’re asking for that raise or investment. In addition, research has shown that green is the most restful color to the eyes…we are refreshed and soothed when we surround ourselves with green and it is a wonderful color to have around for concentration or any sedentary task.

Green is also very healing and that’s why you’ll see the green cross worldwide to identify pharmacies and health centers.  Since ancient times, green stones have been known to promote healing. Malachite and Emerald are two that work incredibly well.

gemisphere green gemstone healing

Malachite & Emerald gemstones. Image source: Gemisphere.com

Emerald is known to increase the life flow of energy throughout your body and Malachite promotes harmony and combats disease. It’s important that you use therapeutic grade stones as does it makes a difference – learn more about the benefits of therapeutic emerald and Malachite’s healing properties from the experts over at Gemisphere.

Make sure to share your experiences of wearing and/or surrounding yourself with green in the comments section below!

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