how you can make full use of Pantone’s spring 2016 colors

Arden Reecetrending colors

Each season Pantone® comes up with a fashion color report for the season’s most influential colors. These are of course, trends and so you may not see them everywhere you shop this Spring nor will all colors work for you. But there are some ways that you can make full use of these colors:    1. Wear the colors according to your type. This is … Read More

what wearing green says about you

Arden Reececolor meanings

green environments and nature meanings

Green…the color of hope, health and luck. For many of us, we think of nature’s bounty from grass to trees to the good-for-us food we eat. It nourishes our bodies and gives us the air we breathe through photosynthesis.

the meaning of color

Arden Reececolor meanings

the meaning of color

o many times we find ourselves wondering what a particular color means or signifies. The answer is usually inside of us as we all have experiences and learnings that shape our views on certain colors.  I’ll give a personal example: When I was in high school, I fell in love with the colors pink, turquoise, gray and white.  I loved … Read More

silver hair: is wearing yellow bad?

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Does yellow look good with gray hair?

If you have gray, silver, or platinum hair, you’ve probably heard that wearing yellow is not the best for your hair color.  I tend to disagree. First off, wearing a color suited to work with just your hair — and not considering your skin tone and eye color(s) — is wrong. Secondly, not all yellows are bad.  Myth dispelled? Well, … Read More