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From start to finish it was SO spot-on. It felt honest, true, and just the type of confirmation I have been seeking.  I loved every minute – even those moments of fear when I began to doubt myself and my abilities. And I think that’s key! I enjoyed the ease of the call and the encouragement in your voice.
Since I am visual, I was right there seeing the images as you clearly shared them.
To those that are considering, you won’t regret a moment or a penny!  This type of reading was so valuable and since it was so spot-on for me I believe she can be that way for you as well.  Set your intention and let go and let her meet up with your soul and guides and see what messages come through, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, obtain clarity, it’s such a gift.
And, not only was it spot-on, helpful, supportive and a confidence builder…it was FUN!
Allyson Keller

A part of me reawakened

It was serendipitous for me to discover Arden — not only for a reading but by taking her High-Vibe Colors course. Her masterfully presented colour course is perfect for those that want to see their own beauty. And I highly recommend having a Soullegory reading to those who would love to see the beauty of their soul.

Arden helped reawaken a part of me I put to sleep a long time ago in Australia. Prior, my life in Russia was full of a deep love for fashion and bright colours…I loved clothes and enjoyed putting together colorful outfits. Now I’m rediscovering my love for colour. Arden gave me permission to wake up, be seen again, enjoy myself and most importantly, satisfy my soul!

I can’t express how happy I am that I came across her work and personally met her. It’s been truly transformational!

Tatiana Richardson

Intuitive, powerful, affirming  

I loved the Soullegory and how it touched on so many aspects. If you’re considering a reading, be prepared to be amazed and to have your eyes opened up to what is possible in front of you.
Jane M.

Love, Gentleness, Clarity

I most like that the message I received ties in my spiritual being/journey with the human experiences that I yearn for in this lifetime.  It’s like all communication lines were open and the pictures shown were exactly what I needed/wanted to know.
I would say (and have) that having a reading with Arden is an experience you don’t want to miss.  Spirit and Guides will share what you need to know in beautifully described scenarios that will make perfect sense.
Kate Gulash
San Diego

Nourishing to my Soul

Arden’s incredible and has access to the inner workings and depths of our soul! She can see clearly and gives insights that only our higher selves would know. Arden is truly gifted and I highly recommend her to anyone who is on the path of doing soul work.

Lauren Fishbein

An Amazing 60 min Journey

I found the reading to be extremely spiritual and beautiful. Arden has a very calm energy and a beautiful gift. If you’re looking at getting a reading, it will be the best life experience you will ever have. I’d describe the reading as spiritual, healing, validating, amazing and intuitive. It was an amazing 60 minute journey.

Mary M.

Informative, Inspirational, Affirming

I loved the affirmation of some of the things my soul has been telling me. Arden brings so much to the table with her readings. She is very gifted and was spot on with so many things! It’s beyond your intuitive readings, and very refreshing!

Gail Grossman

Enlightening, Inspiring and Clarifying

I’m so grateful that my guides led me to Arden’s website so that I could be newly inspired by color. The reading was incredible… unlike anything I’ve experienced in the past!
What I liked most about my reading is that Arden helped me to awaken to my soul’s true purpose. I received validation from my guides that I’m on the right path, so I’m inspired to move forward in a colorful way without hesitation.
I strongly encourage those looking to have a reading with Arden to go for it! Awakening to your true purpose can shift your perspective and open you to a completely new way of being in the world.
Dianne S.
Graphic Designer

Enlightening.  Expanding. Revealing.

The reading was not only beneficial, it was focused precisely on my main concern and it was really so enjoyable.
I liked most that the vision you described had reflections of my past, present and potentially future that resonate completely with my experience. For those that are considering a reading with Arden, I would say do it… you’ll be opened up to possibilities you may never have imagined.

Genuinely Spiritually Connected

My appointment with Arden was inspiring.  She was very present and authentic with a beautiful glow of her own!  I loved my reading.

Leslie B.

Arden is MAGIC

Not only was she able to discern my life path and soul colors during our session, but she cracked possibility wide open. I’ve always thought that I was shy – but it turns out I’m a bit of a daredevil – and when Arden did my rebrand, she was able to truly capture my passion, my personality, and she used my soul and life path colors.

I’ve never met someone as in tune as Arden, her eye for detail is impeccable and I love everything she suggested – she hit the nail on the head and literally knocked the logo and vibe of my brand out of the park.

If you need a refresh, or new branding, and you want it to embody YOU and your business, Arden will not disappoint. She’s spot on with color choice, design, and aesthetic – she will bring your brand to life like no one else.

Seriously. HIRE.HER.

Breanna Gunn
CEO, Breanna Gunn Enterprises

Clarifying, Confirming and Beautiful

I love Arden!!! I found it valuable to get alternative perspectives especially during times of transition. I have known her for years and trust her and sought her out. The reading’s are relevant, eye opening and valuable.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Muscle-Centric Medicine

Insightful, Beautiful and Expanding

Before my brand was meh, it did not energetically represent me or what I offer. Now, when I look at my logo my heart is filled with excitement and joy.

Arden’s gifts are undeniable and she would be a great candidate if you are looking for a deeper way to reach your potential audience. She was spot on with my needs and was communicative and helpful every step of the way. Arden has given me great information that I can use for many different aspects of my life.

I feel that I am able to bring in the clients who are aligned with my work better than ever!

Lauren Fishbein

What a fascinating session!

You are truly divine and a gift to us all. I am always amazed with the breadth and depth of your gifts and the love with which you share them.

Kathleen Boyd

Everything Resonated on a Deep Level

Having the visual of the divine support of the Universe helped me move past some stuck feelings. The revelation about what I should be working on and teaching, my mission, was a surprise and yet felt true beyond question. I feel that you have helped energize me toward fulfilling my calling.

I love your beautiful insight. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


Sandy Evenson
Transformational Coach

Soul Color Power

Mariacristina Ochoa
Quantum Soul Artist

Confidence to Embrace My Gifts and Talents

Arden shares her knowledge of the seen and unseen world with effortless ease, grace and love.

My main goal when I started working with Arden was to learn how to connect deeper with my guides and true self so I could co-create a new supporting energy coming thru my artwork. I was painting to paint and the purpose in my work had been forgotten. Everything in my life felt like it was “on hold.”

Her ability to delve into multidimensional realities to bring back layers of information and knowledge is priceless. This process enabled a soul reconnection that sent me spiraling down a new spiritual path, diving deeper and deeper into material that isn’t common knowledge but my hearts desire.

As an artist, “color” animates my world. My expression (or what one would call my creative voice) uses color to speak and by working with Arden I am able to see and hear new facets from the actual energetics of color. She assisted in bringing a cohesiveness to my work while simultaneously awakening more of a spirit/soul connection…building the confidence to embrace my gifts and talents.

It has been my greatest joy over the last few months to work one-on-one with Arden and her color council. I can’t wait to see what we focus on next, it’s truly amazing. I am filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to engage with her – she is both informative, innovative as well as thorough in all aspects of her work!

Tarver Harris


I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal.

I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening.

To those that are considering a Soullegory reading, I would say to open your heart, your mind to what she is sharing. There is real truth in her visions, just allow yourself to experience what is there.

Jen Desierra
Phoenix, AZ


I loved every minute of the course, especially where you showed the differences between warm and cool colors that can look the same until they are compared.

I feel much more confident about my colors. Other color systems tell you that if you have warm skin, you are always warm no matter what. Still others say that if you are gray you should only wear cool colors. Your explanation about silver-warm neutrals makes more sense than anything I have ever heard before. I cannot wait to get my swatches and go shopping.

Do it! You will be amazed at how sexy silver can look!

Mary Ellen Ottman
Sexy, Radiant Silver Course
Ormond Beach, FL

Arden has a mastery of color beyond anyone in her niche! She brings a unique skill that’s highly respected by the color industry and her clients!

Teresa Tullio


I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

Anna Chandler
Colour Consultant & Holistic Stylist


I had delved into personal color analysis many years ago, and was interested in what might be new in the world of color as it relates to people’s skin tone, hair color and eye color.

Once I started the classes, I was so surprised and impressed with Arden’s depth of knowledge on the history of color, how we see color and how it even reflects our inner personality. Her passion for the world of color is infectious.

Discovering all the nuances of my own unique coloring was so fun. And, getting to see the other participants with their colors was awe inspiring…what a colorful world we live in!

I highly recommend this course. You will come away with a new respect, and admiration, for yourself as well as an appreciation for everyone you meet. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Sandy Evenson
Transform with Color Course
Savannah, GA


If you are ready to be fully present in your own life and desire to fully express your higher and true self in the most authentic way, then, I encourage you to work with Arden. Working with Arden is quite possibly one of the best decisions that I have made in my lifetime. I now know my Soul, Life Path and Spirit Colors, and, I am so thankful for this knowledge.  I have more clarity around my personal and business brand, and, feel more empowered to organically surround myself and my environment with the colors that are best suited for me.

The biggest breakthrough I received from working with Arden was confirmation to me in the present moment that I truly am on my path and that the choices that I am making in creating my brand and my business are actually in alignment with my higher guidance and purpose, and, the next phase of brand and product creation is a gift from my future self.  How amazing is that?

If you’re considering, I would say, “Do It…Without Hesitation!”  You will instantly feel at ease with Arden and know that you are in a safe space and with a highly skilled, intuitive and wise guide.  Arden will guide you throughout the process with the wisdom of a sage. Arden will work with you to create a palette that truly represents who you are at your cellular level.  Arden is inspiring. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew, or, quite possibly, have forgotten.

Arden is a treasure and her sessions are truly a gift that everyone should experience.

Nancy Schlegel


What surprised me the most was that I would be excited to share this with others—it wasn’t something I was taking for “continued learning.” I do Crystal Healing Therapy and was excited to take my color knowledge to a new level and to be able to take a person’s physical traits and help them individualize their wardrobe and surroundings with the colors right for them.

I’m using color more in my existing practice of Crystal (and now Color!) energy healing—and, I’m excited for the knowledge to grow on me even more with practice. I can say that the course instilled a lot of confidence in my intuition when choosing colors—I have my chart printed above my dresser in my walk-in closet. I know now which item is my “fearless” blue or my “inspiring” green! Another big takeaway for me were the Essence colors—to know the vulnerable, trusting, restful and approachable colors helps me with how I present myself in different situations— whether it’s for networking events, healing sessions, vibrant evenings out or simply sitting with a friend’s newborn.

All in all, the course gave me confidence to choose the right colors, to trust my own internal guidance, and that I can help others with this! I have such a peace of mind that my colors have my back! Plus, it gave me a great experience with a fun, caring group of people that were eager to share their experiences and help me learn about myself through watching them learn too! Learning is so much better in groups – you can’t get this kind of knowledge in a book or from just one video, it’s the entire experience of this course that makes it such a gem!

Andy Kennedy
Transform with Color Course
Innerself Lightworks

Richest Online Course Experience

I Can’t Remember a Class I Took That Has Brought Me Such Pleasure!

Arden Reece’s course was the richest online course experience I’ve had to date. It was beautifully conceived and packed full with practical information. I thought I would learn what colors looked best on me; I did AND I also learned SO MUCH MORE about texture, shape, accessorizing, contrast & color-pairing, and how colors influence how others perceive us.

I can now walk into a clothing or makeup store and zero right in on the colors that flatter me, and I have much more confidence pulling together a complete ensemble that complements my coloring and style and is right for the occasion.

What surprised me the most about the course however, was how Arden wove in spirituality, and how by understanding my relationship to color I came to know myself more deeply. I particularly enjoyed the soul color meditation—it was powerful and affirming.

Deborah Grandinetti
Transform with Color Course

Transform with Color Course

Arden’s color course is packed with useful and fun information that helped me fine tune my wardrobe colors as well as help me in my interior design business.

I believe the colors people look best in are also the colors that translate well in their living spaces.

Terri Davis
Terri Davis Art & Design


I’m feeling much more energized and excited to work on my business! All the tricks that I’ve learned have helped me tremendously. There is less confusion and I’m more comfortable with helping others determine their colors and dominant temperature. I’m super clear about where I’m headed – I am more focused & centered on where I want to take my business.

Mentoring with Arden has provided a lot of introspection & insight…plus, it’s re-awakened the love of color in my life.

Rosie Buchanan
San Francisco, CA


The Arden Reece Mentorship program is worth every penny. The program allowed me to approach color in a much more customized and unique way for my clients – it has upleveled my entire business. I had big goals going into the mentorship and I was able to accomplish them and so much more…I even overcame my tech phobia!


With all the ideas and support from Arden, I was able to build upon my services and perfect the information I created. I’ve developed & fine-tuned my color analysis techniques (yay for the Pro Color System), I’m much more confident in sharing information about the Essence & Magnetic colors, and I’m able to merge mind, body & spirit into the total package of my business by applying the Soul Color techniques I learned. I’ve been able to truly connect all my services in a holistic way!

I didn’t realize how much information would be packed into the program and I love that I can go back to the videos and lessons to review – I learn more each time I go back in! If you use color in your business, this program will guide you through the many ways that color can be used to enhance the lives of others. I’d say ‘Go for it!’

Julietta Brothers
Color Practitioner
Grand Rapids, MI

Guidance That is Deep and Soulful…

With Arden, I felt incredibly honored, seen and cared for. I walked away with tangible tools too! For instance, now, when people look at my recently revamped professional website, they say, “It’s so YOU, it’s gorgeous.”

I wanted this sort of concurrency between my counseling services and the visuals, and Arden was the first person to offer such clear suggestions that communicate with such grace and beauty!

I would say if you value input that is deep and soulfulguidance that is going to speak to the deeper levels of who you are, work with Arden. She reflects your truthful soul purpose.

I’d been off track, tempted to follow projects that looked good and just didn’t resonate. Meeting with Arden I got confirmation of my path, and the best way to offer my unique gifts and services. I needed the reminder to stay true to myself and my skills so that I can really be of help on the planet. Working with her was validating, on point, clarifying, fun and engaging. I didn’t want it to end!

Mia Bolte, M.A.
Buddhist-inspired therapeutic coaching
Minneapolis, MN


I was so excited when I discovered Arden. First, because after having two babies I felt like my closet needed a big face lift. But also because I never really knew which colors worked best for me. It’s hard to tell while standing in a store holding something up in front of a mirror under florescent lights.

But I also loved the idea of using color as a tool to contribute toward what I am already creating and accomplishing in my life, of using it on my body to support me in my life, work, and being. I had already been doing so naturally in my home, but having my personalized color palette took my wardrobe from a mundane thing to something sacred and extraordinary.

I was able to start populating my closet and body with colors that truly supported me. And I found myself wanting to get a Personalized Color Palette as a gift for my sisters, my mom, and all my girlfriends!

All women should know this! It helps you transform the items in your closet from just something that covers your body and gets the job done into something that truly supports your natural way of being in the world. I love it so much!

Aimee Cartier
Vashon, WA


Working one-on-one with Arden is a fabulous experience. She absolutely knows what she’s doing and how to translate that into a beautiful and effective understanding of your palette.

She gave me additional colors that I’ve never had before and absolutely love. The long color journey is finally over…

Maggie Oman Shannon
San Francisco, CA


I’ve had consultations done by various consultants – some well known. Not meaning any disrespect whatsoever for any of those consultants, none were able to accomplish what Arden did for me.

I had always hoped that someday I would find and have my perfect group of colors, and now I do thanks to you. The colors you selected for me are spot on – truly capturing who I am and empowering me to look my best.

I am loving my palette – it’s absolutely spectacular. And, I’m happy that the palette seeking journey has ended with such positive results – no more guessing, wondering, and incorrect colors. Shopping and decorating are going to be a pleasure now rather than fraught with uncertainties.

Janet S.
Fresno, CA



One of the biggest things for me regarding being a person who shops in the plus sized category – is my chronic disappointment & frustration with the availability of designs that I feel truly match my personality. Working with Arden has been like cracking a code. Now when I enter a shop, I am coming up with these colour combinations that are in such harmony with me, that it transcends finding clothes that are more ‘on trend’. I find myself ok with going for more of the classics, and still get that “hit” I am yearning for – because the creativity can flow through the colours that are so deeply congruent and satisfying on a soul level. I couldn’t have imagined it possible. And if I can combine the right colours with something more ‘on trend’, then it’s a bonus.

In my opinion, Arden is a genius. She sees the unique palette of every person. I have lived in the land of basic black for a long time. While I still love black, letting my colours come to light has been incredibly fun. I have experienced Arden’s work as an invitation for transformation on many levels. Wrapping myself in subdued colours that don’t overwhelm me is such a treat. How I am responding to myself is shifting. I am getting up in the morning and dressing myself artfully and with joy. It’s like a practice of remembering that I am part of the beauty of all nature.

With sound colour theory, intuition, and an understanding and sensitivity regarding people’s unique and inherent nature’s, Arden whips up a delightful world of colour not without the element of surprise. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favour and just go for it. You won’t regret it.

Tricia King
British Columbia, CA


Arden transformed the way I see myself. I had no idea how many colors were available to me. She gave me tools I use every day to maximize my results with myself and other people.

Thoughts about wardrobe and what to wear were a common consideration. Now, I think about my goal or intention and the result I want to accomplish such as “who am I meeting with” and “how do I want them to preserve me?” I think about the desired outcome and choose my colors accordingly to support my results.

I love having the knowledge now to choose the right colors to support me for the day or a certain event. Plus, I love my clothes again! I don’t feel like I need to buy something new to feel good. I shop my closet. Arden is brilliant!

Melissa Wadley
Encinitas, CA


Before I met Arden, my wardrobe was cluttered with things that did not work well together. Becoming aware of my unique colors through her was a tremendous transformation for me. Now I need fewer items as they tend to mix & match easily. I now am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I am wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me.

The colors align with my energy and that makes me look and feel great. People often respond with warmth and the connections and compliments come frequently. I feel tremendous gratitude for the impact that Arden has made in my wardrobe & life.

Renee Lynn
Santa Fe, NM


I want to extend a heartfelt thank you. It really is a joy for me to work with you, I have tears in my eyes…Your clarity of vision and your ability to extend/expand to see what is most important for me at this time is truly amazing.
With your suggestion from our 1st session to bring in  spiritual practice and MINERALS (ROCKS) there is a new reverence to life, a BIG SHIFT in my work and much encouragement from an unseen community of beings to be more :)
I was impressed by Arden’s ability to take me on my visual journey with such ease, the experience was visually stimulating and heart touching. She offered me practical hands on approaches to enrich my day to day life.
I think getting a reading from Arden has been life altering, in a good way:) She helped me confirm my abilities as an artist actually meld with my soul vibration and life path. Color tickles me and now I know it’s part of who I am at a core level.
Tarver Harris


Since working with Arden, my style has truly transformed. I now have a solid foundation for creating my new sophisticated look and her color expertise is genius. Now I can tell immediately when I walk into a clothing store what will look good on me and what to steer clear of.

I especially love the neutral color swatches and refer to them often when I’m shopping and getting dressed in the morning.

Thank you, Arden, for providing the tools, knowledge and expert coaching for me becoming the best, most stylish “me”! I’m on my way.

Rebecca Massoud
San Diego, CA


Working with Arden is a once in a lifetime experience. It was meaningful from the very beginning of our time together. Then the absolute joy in seeing the colors she so artfully and skillfully chose for me. She is with you in Spirit, on earth as it is in Heaven.

I have a new confidence wearing colors I’ve always loved but have been unsure of wearing…Until now. The guidance and direction Arden gives is the perfect foundation to know what complements you as a whole person!

If you had a color analysis done before, I guarantee it was nothing like what you will experience with Arden Reece Color. You will learn about color, and how to incorporate it into your life, wardrobe and living spaces. I am beyond pleased. Arden is a true gem, intuitive and extremely gifted.

Jinger Rausch
Grapevine, TX


Arden is very caring and nurturing and never makes you feel judged in where you might be in your own life. She is accessible, supportive, and encouraging.

I would highly recommend her services because her program is very specific for each individual. My color fan was created especially for me. All the colors work with my features and personality.

Point Reyes, CA


I found Ardens reading so insightful. I liked learning the most what my life path and soul color were. I was looking for clarity on my future career path so I really needed this information and direction.

If you’re considering this, do it. It was enlightening as well as inspiring and fun. I’ve already recommended her to people who I think would benefit!

Aimee Carlton
NLP Master Pratitioner
London, U.K.


color palette

I felt that Arden cared about me as a person, not just as a source of income. That my reactions mattered to her. She wanted to pull my best colours and help me see them.

The biggest breakthrough for me was that the colours could be used for a specific purpose and not just to enhance me. And, that the colours were just not what I expected. I haven’t worn orange for years and yet there it is sitting in my palette in several guises. My heart sings at the Inspiring, Vitality, and Life Path colours.

This is a life changing experience and not just about colour. It is a window into the soul if you allow it. Or a session that produces an amazing set of colours just for you.

Sue Carter


We did a group Soul Purpose Reading with Arden. It was a great experience for all of us (especially since we know each other so well) and we had so much fun. We most enjoyed hearing the visions and interpreting them together.

They really seemed uniquely accurate for each of us and definitely relevant and on point. To anyone considering having a reading, I would say to send a photo that you think expresses who you are and then watch the magic happen. Y

ou’ll revisit the reading in your head for several days and some elements will start taking on more meaning for you. Although you may be skeptical at first you need to stay open and enjoy. It is so inspiring!

Mary Doherty
San Francisco, CA

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