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powerfluency with arden reece

PowerFluency 1:1

Where Spiritual Entrepreneurs Come to Increase their Visibility, Presence and Power.

Get all the personalized expert guidance, strategies, and clarity you need to authentically enhance your presence and increase your perceived value!

showcasing your authentic presence

You’re all about keeping it real and hate the smarmy marketing approaches many entrepreneurs use. But you still silently struggle with…

Go from feeling stuck and invisible to feeling seen for the true talents and gifts that you bring!

My Super Power is bringing out your Authentic Presence…

Your presence conveys everything about you in your business and life. It’s more than just your physical presence and style. It’s your energetic presence along with the alignment of your brand and website that bring about your authentic and true power.

This is what being powerfluent is all about. When we work together in this highly private and personalized way, you come away with…

Clarity on your best colors + styles

that make you look more valuable, more expert, and more YOU. You’ll know what to wear for presentations, stages, and important meetings–positioning you and increasing your perceived value so you can charge 3x more.

Finally know your soul’s expression

and your unique purpose and gifts so that you can communicate your soul-powered message and feel authentically seen.

A beautiful color palette

that lays out all your best colors and neutrals for creating the right color messages so that you transform your wardrobe and website from a mundane thing to something sacred and extraordinary.

a strong brand identity

We’ll focus solely on your personal brand & how to visually connect to your best clients. You’ll receive outfit charts, online visuals, a logo and business card that integrate your essence for optimal business growth.

A solid strategy and plan

that lays out an actual blueprint of your uniquely coded essence. We’ll cover the right strategies that best communicate your essence authentically so that you can embody your powerful presence.

Let Arden provide all the clarity

you’ve been needing to utilize your gifts and create a strong presence instead of feeling stuck and misaligned which has caused the wrong connections and lost income…all for less than $10K.

Hi, I'm Arden

Presence is the most important element that I help spiritual entrepreneurs create. 

Presence showcases your authentic power. Power is not about having control over people and trying to strong-arm them to your point of view. It’s about being authentically you in every aspect of your life and business.

I’ve been working with clients for over 20 years to understand the power of their presence and how to use color and style to increase their confidence, well-being, and even their level of enlightenment.  

I’m really good at pulling together a complete visual story to create a spiritual entrepreneur’s presence that is authentically aligned with her. 

From your soul’s essence, to your closet, home environment, brand and even website, my PowerFluency process taps into every bit of my wisdom and skills to help your true power come forward and be seen…in an authentic heart-centered way.

About The Process

Who's it for?

This is for creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to play big and create a strong presence for themselves and their businesses.

Why Do You Need It?

When you transform your business and life with the right branding & visual identity that evokes your true essence, people SEE you. You’re able to present and position yourself authentically, radiating the full power and value of your sacred work.

What's Included

In your private sessions conducted on Zoom, you’ll discover and claim the symbols, colors and styles that authentically position you and your business.  You’ll get PowerFluent in the unique messages that support you and your brand holistically and walk away being able to radiate the full power of your sacred purpose.

step 1

In this Intensive, you'll uncover your soul’s essence, symbols, and supporting colors in the first half through a special reading. Then, after assessing your style and presence, we focus on your transformational 'before and after' dream. You'll end up with a Strategy + Soul Document that includes strategies to best communicate your essence.

Step 2

In this session, you'll discover your 15 power colors and have a palette custom-made for you by Arden. You’ll learn the meanings of your colors and how to best use them for manifesting your truth.

Step 3

Let's clear your closet of items that no longer serve you and create powerful outfits that convey you authentically. The Identity Pack includes up to 3 hours of a Closet Clearing done on Zoom. You'll also receive visuals of up to 10 outfit recommendations for specific occasions or a photoshoot.

Step 4

Your identity pack includes your brand and color guidelines for use within your website and printed materials. You’ll receive a wordmark (text logo) and square icon for use online in both a horizontal and vertical layout, a favicon, social media headers for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, plus a business card design. Click here if you're interested in branding only.


Each month of your program, we’ll spend an hour together where we focus on a theme. From strategy to the alchemy of your presence to aligning with your soul gifts, each session mixes a bit of intuitive guidance and professional wisdom to help you embrace your powerful presence as an entrepreneur.

client branding work

Here’s a recent sampling of the heart-centered entrepreneurs I’ve had the honor of assisting. Click on the below names to see the work done for them as well as some before & afters. Website setup and design is separate if we feel it’s a good fit to work together in that capacity.

Go from feeling unsure and overwhelmed to feeling confident and gaining full clarity about how to bring forward your powerful presence.

Not Sure?

Schedule a complimentary session with Arden and find out.

Your next step

Choose the option that is best for you…

6 Month Private 1:1 Program

Premier PowerFluency
$ 7,950 USD or $1450/mo for 6 months
  • 2-hr Strategy + Soul Intensive
  • ColorFluency Session + Fabric Palette
  • Closet Clearing
  • Outfit Recommendations
  • Brand + Color Guidelines
  • Logo + Online Assets
  • (6) 60-min PowerFluency Sessions
  • 6-mos Private Voice Message Support

3 Month Private 1:1 Program

$ 5,950 USD or $2175/mo for 3 months
  • 2-hr Strategy + Soul Intensive
  • ColorFluency Session + Fabric Palette
  • Brand + Color Guidelines
  • Logo + Online Assets
  • (3) 60-min PowerFluency Sessions
  • 3-mos Private Voice Message Support

Strategy + Soul Intensive*

$ 1,250 USD
  • Style + Presence Assessment
  • 2-hr Strategy + Soul Intensive
  • Strategy + Soul Document
  • 2-wks Private Voice Message Support

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