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The #1 Brand Color You Should NEVER Use as a Solopreneur

Short Answer: BLUE Blue is the most popular color used within top brands. The majority of Fortune 500 companies use blue because it’s considered steady, loyal and trustworthy. Canva did some research a few years back and created this breakout showing blue leading the way: As a solopreneur, if

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the meaning of blue
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blue meanings: what wearing blue says about you

One of the most common questions I heard as a child was “what’s your favorite color?”  I remember not really having a strong preference for any one particular color and so my answer would change with how I felt that day.  My younger brother, on the other hand,

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color personality

who can wear bright reds and blues?

I did a quick painting yesterday from a picture of a friend of a friend from Paris who has fair skin and dark black/brown hair.  He has the Deep Color Type as his dominant color personality which looks best in high contrasts. The picture was from a party

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what to wear warm and cool colors
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how color temperature determines what looks good on you

Perhaps you or someone you know has said, “I can’t wear red” or “I don’t like the color purple.”  With most anything, these are broad generalizations in the world of color as there are hundreds of different reds and purples…and blues and greens. (If you’ve ever seen a

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