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blue meanings: what wearing blue says about you

One of the most common questions I heard as a child was “what’s your favorite color?”  I remember not really having a strong preference for any one particular color and so my answer would change with how I felt that day. 

My younger brother, on the other hand, would state “BLUE” every time when we were young. He LOVED blue. And he certainly isn’t alone as blue is the most popular color worldwide…or at least that’s what they say!

The range of blues create a range of Meanings

There are many colors that are derived from the hue known as blue. And each of these blues, whether they are lightened, softened or shaded, has a different feel and meaning to them.

Research has shown that most individuals consider a lighter blue as “peaceful” and “tranquil” where the darker, deeper blues can be considered “depressing” and “sad.” There is a range of meanings depending on the saturation and value of the hue.  Just take a look at all the blues in a Sherwin-Williams paint deck!

the meaning of blue

Blue Meanings

Although there are some “blue” foods such as blueberries…they really are more of a blue-violet, not the blue that Munsell identified which is shown above.

Blue can range from a slight blue-green to a blue-violet but the blues you may think of more often when you think of blue, tend to be in the blue-violet family. That’s another post. :)  

When you wear blue, it can say this about you (again, depending on the value and personality/saturation of the blue):

blue environments

Blue Meanings in our environment

In the environment, we think of blue skies and cool, refreshing water…both very positive associations. In fact, astronauts have called our planet the “pale blue dot” and it certainly is magnificent and evokes a sense of serenity and calm when you view NASA’s pictures.

There is this life force that blue has that brings us to our core. Yet blue can be melancholic – we get the ‘blues’ when we are sad; it’s found in stormy clouds and dark, inky nights.

Take a look at some of the blues I pinned in my Pinterest album.

What I find interesting is that I don’t know what blue my brother was really thinking of when he thought of HIS favorite color.  Perhaps it was a bright cerulean blue, or a dusky blue that you see at sunset…or a beautiful warm Aegean sea blue. 

Whatever it was, I always envisioned a deep true blue for him. He was (and still is) solid, loyal, trustworthy…yet laid back. There is a definite warmth to him. A nice warm true blue. :)

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