2015 fall fashion colors

Arden Reecetrending colors

fall 2015 fashion colors

Each season, Pantone announces it’s Fashion Color Report and this Fall is a good mix of dynamic, deep and subdued colors. The earthy colors pair well with their cool counterparts. I did a search for which colors were really being used this fall (granted, it’s only early September) and I found a good selection of rich teals evocative of Biscay Bay, … Read More

what wearing gray says about you

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One of the most interesting neutrals is gray (or ‘grey’ if you go by British English). Not considered a color, gray is a monochromatic. Yet it can lean to being a warmer brown-gray or a cooler blue-gray. In it’s purest form, gray is neither black or white, but right in the middle, enjoying perfect neutrality. It is the Switzerland of … Read More

what wearing white says about you

Arden Reececolor meanings

the meaning of white

When we surround ourselves with a certain color, certain psychological and physiological changes affect us.  The color white is seen when all colors of the spectrum are reflected (black is the opposite where color is absorbed and there is no reflection). White signifies a variety of meanings throughout the world, from wisdom, to purity and cleanliness, to evoking feelings of … Read More

spring 2013 fashion colors

Arden Reecetrending colors

Pantone released their fashion colors trend report for Spring and there certainly is something for everyone, no matter your coloring and tonalities.  From deep emeralds and rich blues, to soft jades and grays or bright vibrant yellows and oranges, you will certainly see quite a range in the stores this upcoming season. Greens and blues are certainly dominant but the … Read More