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wearing gray
color meanings

discover what wearing gray says about you

Last updated on March 30, 2021 One of the most interesting neutrals is gray (or ‘grey’ if you go by British English.) Not considered a color, gray is an achromatic. Yet it does have a contributing hue so it can lean to being a warmer brown-gray or a

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white meanings
color meanings

how to wear white and the message it sends

When we surround ourselves with a certain color, certain psychological and physiological changes affect us.  The color white is seen when all colors of the spectrum are reflected (black is the opposite where color is absorbed and there is no reflection.) what the color white means White signifies

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best colors for gray hair warm
color transformations

the right neutrals and best colors for gray hair

If you have silver, gray, or white hair, then you probably have questioned at one time or another what are the best colors for gray hair? Before you start down the path of adding color to your wardrobe, may I suggest that you have a good base of

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what to wear warm and cool colors
personal color

how color temperature determines what looks good on you

Perhaps you or someone you know has said, “I can’t wear red” or “I don’t like the color purple.”  With most anything, these are broad generalizations in the world of color as there are hundreds of different reds and purples…and blues and greens. (If you’ve ever seen a

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