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how to wear white and the message it sends

When we surround ourselves with a certain color, certain psychological and physiological changes affect us.  The color white is seen when all colors of the spectrum are reflected (black is the opposite where color is absorbed and there is no reflection.)

white meanings + environments

what the color white means

White signifies a variety of meanings throughout the world, from wisdom, to purity and cleanliness, to evoking feelings of the spiritual nature. In fact, white is worn at many funerals in Asian cultures and I love that sentiment; I’m not one for having my friends and family wear black to mine — white is my request!

In environments (shown above) white sand, snowy landscapes, billowy clouds and even interior decor evoke the following feelings that envelope the user:

white meanings

the message wearing white sends

But white is not all about Godliness. In interior design and fashion, it can evoke modernity, coolness and chicness. Depending on the white, it can be stark or soft such as clean white interiors with modern furniture and lines, to tone-on-tone layers of white and ivory pillows on a soft white sofa.

When it comes to wearing white, you want to wear the white that matches the whites of your eyes or other dominant feature such as hair or teeth.  Layering various whites from head to toe will create a look that best communicates the adjectives in the images above.

Depending on the style and cut, when you wear white, it can say this about you:

If you have white hair, listen up

If you have white hair, make sure the whites you wear match (there are various tones of white hair from gray/white, soft white to green/white.) To learn more on what colors work for silver hair, take my Sexy, Radiant Silver video course.

One thing on white hair: to most it evokes age and wisdom, but it’s also coming into it’s own and is considered cool and modern. So if your hair is white, then it’ll look best on you in a style that is modern and chic.

To see more styles and designs in white, visit my Pinterest album.

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

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