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If you have silver, gray, or white hair, then you probably have questioned at one time or another what colors work best for you. Before you start down the path of adding color, may I suggest that you have a good base of garments that focus solely on the right neutrals for you? Your neutrals make up your core wardrobe – these are the items that you can easily mix and match for countless outfit combinations. Adding color becomes a cinch once you have all the basics covered.

I have always taught my clients and stylists to focus on the temperature of their coloring when developing a core wardrobe.  Are you dominantly warm temperatured or dominantly cool? This is easy to determine when you still have color in your hair….but once we lose color there, we have to focus on the subtleties.

First off, not all gray/silver/white hair is one solid color. As you look at your hair, you’ll notice different colors….especially underneath and in back. You also want to take note of your eyes and skin tone. For me, I have warm skin and warm eyes but my hair is dominantly cool with hints of auburn and brown underneath. All silver sisters look great in more cool colors but as I mentioned before, there needs to be a subtle shift.

These little adjustments make a big difference, as you can see in the Before & Afters at the top.

Silver Hair: Warm

If you are a silver hair woman with warm temperatures in your eyes and skin (and parts of your hair), then you are a Silver Hair WARM. The Silver Hair WARM palette is a warm/cool palette that consists of off-whites, pearl (nothing too creamy or ivory), warm ink blue, heathered grays, taupes, green-grays and camo green. Refer to the image above.

Silver Hair: Cool Neutrals

If you are a silver hair woman with cool temperatures in your eyes and skin, then you are a Silver Hair COOL. Your whites are closer to a pure white (but never whiter than your own hair). Your neutrals should consist of cool navy, black, charcoal, eucalyptus or sage and taupe as well.

There will also be some cross-over between the two Silver Hair palettes but as long as you stay close to the above color recommendations, you’ll find you’ll look and feel much better about getting dressed.

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