the dawn of red-violet is here

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The dawn of red-violet

In these messages, I will share what I saw in the transmission as well as the message behind it. The scribe and activator for these messages is Tarver Harris. Her artwork is abstract in nature yet has many layers of color.

2015 fall fashion colors

Arden Reecetrending colors

fall 2015 fashion colors

Each season, Pantone announces it’s Fashion Color Report and this Fall is a good mix of dynamic, deep and subdued colors. The earthy colors pair well with their cool counterparts. I did a search for which colors were really being used this fall (granted, it’s only early September) and I found a good selection of rich teals evocative of Biscay Bay, … Read More

what wearing pink says about you

Arden Reececolor meanings

what wearing pink says about you

Pink is a lightened version of the red-violet hue, leaning towards red. It comes in a variety of values and saturations from soft pink to vibrant bright pink. And, it can convey a variety of meanings when you wear it. When you wear lighter to softer pinks & roses, you are conveying the following message about yourself: Sweet Nice Feminine … Read More