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12 pink meanings: what wearing pink says about you

Pink is a lightened version of the red-violet hue, leaning towards red. There are tons of pink meanings since it comes in a variety of values and saturations …from soft pink to vibrant bright pink. And, it can convey a variety of meanings when you use it in your home as well as wear it.

what wearing pink says about you

Lighter and softer pink meanings

When you wear lighter to softer pinks & roses, you are conveying the following message about yourself:

vibrant pink meanings

When you wear the more vibrant and richer pinks, you are evoking the following feelings:

pink meanings

The universal meaning of pink

Universally, pink conveys intimacy and nurturing.

My friend Jill from the Colour Studio has a room in her home that is painted pink. A pink that is a mix of the Intimate & Nurturing images below. I’m not a huge fan of the soft, feminine pinks but this pink…when I am in that room, I feel enveloped…nurtured…happy.

In fact, many hospitals and prisons have found that pink is good at calming people in agitated circumstances…there is a lot of research supporting this including the use of pink lighting.  

Make sure to check out my pink board on Pinterest for more visions of pink including a pic of Jill’s pink room.

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