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Discover 3 of Your Color Allies + Enemies

Some of us women entrepreneurs who are creative, inspired, and spiritual also have a deep appreciation for color… we consider ourselves Color Lovers!

The funny thing is, many of us are still wearing and using Enemy Colors – that’s what I call colors that literally fight our own energy – they dull our perceived value, beauty, and authority.

On the other hand, some of us have discovered at least a few of our Color Allies – these are colors that light us up, make us look and feel fantastic.

But how many of us know how to discover which are which? Discover some of my best-kept secrets for identifying 3 of your color allies and enemies.

3 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

1. Determine your soul color with this Soul Color Visualization
2. Develop your intuitive gifts: /programs-courses/
3. Get an intuitive reading for guidance: /sessions/ 


Hue, Unveiled.

Every Thursday get bite-sized, mystical wisdom on using color energetically for your alignment and growth.

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