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Who are your color allies + enemies
personal color

Discover 3 of Your Color Allies + Enemies Some of us women entrepreneurs who are creative, inspired, and spiritual also have a deep appreciation for color… we consider ourselves Color Lovers! The funny thing is, many of us are still wearing and using Enemy Colors – that’s what I call colors that literally fight our

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personal color

Are You Chromavulnerable?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself uttering one or all of the following…
“If I looked good in yellow, I’d wear it.”
“If I looked good without makeup, I’d go natural.”
“If I felt safe in not being judged as old, I’d go gray.”

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high-vibe colors
color transformations

high-vibe colors: your portal to authentic beauty

You have colors that transform and empower your authentic beauty. At Arden Reece Color, we look at your entire authentic expression in order to uncover the colors that support and inspire you. At the core of your own personal color palette are your High-Vibe Colors™.

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how color affects you
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3 startling ways color affects you

Color affects us physically, psychologically and spiritually. It protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, it creates sensations in us when we experience it and it can be used to harmonize and align the chakra points in our bodies. But, do you know how color affects you in how you

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