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Color is much more powerful than most of us realize. 

Because of its light properties, it transmits messages and healing WAY faster than sound and words.

Here are 3 unique ways color can improve your life without painting a wall:

1. Color Can Assist Memory

Practicing for an important presentation or holding a meeting where you want them to remember your message? 

Use color in your presentation to easily recall your outline and also help your listeners retain the information.

Research done in 2018 shows that we are 65% more likely to recall visual content 3 days after exposure versus text. And, we process visual information quicker too—13 milliseconds versus 6 seconds for text (MIT, 2019).

For easier recall as a speaker, you can color-code the important topics you want to cover in your outline. For example, your intro topic can be green, your problem topic can be red and your solution topic can be blue. By associating your outline with colors, you’ll have an easier time recalling what you’re supposed to cover and when.

To help your listeners retain your important information, use visuals with color. Try and stay away from the excessive use of words.

2. Color Helps You to do things Easily!

Want to lift heavier weights in your strength training but can’t seem to push through? Stare at blue while you train. Blue has a physiological effect on you and makes heavy objects seem lighter. Red has the opposite effect, so avoiding red walls in your gym is a good idea.

Want to make decisions more easily? Think of your favorite color and your least favorite color. Now close your eyes and ask yourself a yes or no question concerning the decision you need to make. If you sense your favorite color, it’s right. If you sense your least favorite color, the answer is no. If you receive a different color altogether, you need to do more research and look into the meaning of that color for clues.

Color helps you to practice mindfulness without meditating

Instead of reaching for social media or a game when you’re feeling restless or stressed, try coloring because it provides enormous benefits without the escapism. 

Started as a craze in 2016, coloring in an adult coloring book or app like Lake (ios only), calms your nervous system and stimulates your brain. It’s incredibly therapeutic and allows you to process your emotions in a healthy way. 

Choosing colors and filling in a blank canvas is enormously meditative without the need to close your eyes and be in silence.

Now that you know some ways to improve your life with color, which of these do you plan on trying?

2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

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