personal color cards: how to use

by Arden Reece

I want color to be accessible to all…I want each of you to see your divine beauty.

So, I’ve done something that my heart led me to do. Using part science (measuring color with my colorimeter) and part design, I made these cards. :)

  • They are made of heavy card stock and tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand,
  • They are notated with the Munsell notation, and…
  • You can punch holes in them to create a palette or keep them as they are and use as inspiration.

I created them so you can make up your own unique color palette suited to your dominant and supporting color types. And, each supporting color type set comes in a selection of dominantly warm or dominantly cool temperatures for further customization.

Watch the video to see what they look like and how to use them! 

Check them out the Color Shop now and create your own personal palette.

About the Author

Arden Reece

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Arden is an internationally-recognized soul-powered color practitioner, color seer, author and educator who has helped people around the world create meaningful transformations in their lives and businesses through color.