the #1 favorite color is not blue

Last updated on March 28, 2021

Our world is changing and along with that so is our favorite color. Collectively, the world’s favorite color has been blue. But when I posted a poll with the actual colors as per the Munsell notation noted with names most would understand, the true favorite color became quite clear and it’s:

Turquoise (5BG 8/10)

Turquoise is part of the Blue-Green (BG) hue family and along with Turquoise, two other colors in that hue family came up as favorites: Teal and Seaglass. 

Blue is currently at number two with other blues and greens making up the top 5.

How your Favorite colors rank

most popular and favorite colors

A secondary hue that’s long played second-fiddle, blue-green is now enjoying it’s time in the spotlight. As a collective, we love the cool, calming and refreshing nature of blue-greens. Blue-green (also known as aqua) is considered the color of our high-heart chakra which is coming online. We are moving to listening to our hearts and seeking the truth…it’s a fearless and authentic color and one that we’ll continue to see.

And, it’s our most popular hue family!

most popular favorite colors hue families

It’s no surprise that as a hue family, blue-green is #1 with violet sneaking into second. Both blue and blue-violet tied for third. Reds are certainly popular and vied for fourth place with green rounding out the top 5 list. Each hue family has a multitude of color possibilities (millions, actually) and the color options shown are what were listed in the poll.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece

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