the 2 little-known chakra colors

Last updated on March 27, 2021

There are two colors in the visible spectrum that are missing in ROY-G-BIV and the main 7 chakra colors. They are important and have their own energetic meanings and symbolism. This brings us to the question:

Are there 7 or 9 main Chakra Colors?

You may be familiar with the following 7 main chakra colors.  And, you’re probably familiar with ROYGBIV that you learned in elementary school – those same 7 colors.

As a color practitioner, this has always bothered me. Simply because it doesn’t take the full visible spectrum into account.

If you take a look at the Munsell Notation, he’s classified 10 hues (parents to color), not 7: 

  1. Red,
  2. Yellow-Red (Orange),
  3. Yellow,
  4. Yellow-Green,
  5. Green,
  6. Blue-Green,
  7. Blue,
  8. Blue-Violet (Blue-Purple),
  9. Violet (Purple) and
  10. Red-Violet (Red-Purple)

When looking at the 7 main chakra colors, you may be wondering, where is yellow-green, blue-green and red-violet?! I have thought the same! 😊

So…is it 7, 9 or 10 main chakra colors?

The 9 Main Chakra Colors

May I suggest the following:

NEW #5 – Aqua.  Blue-green (aka Aqua, Turquoise) is THE favorite color worldwide (see here, here and vote here), not Blue as many have stated.  It’s associated with the “High Heart” and Thymus area. It’s a chakra that gets dropped too many times and is worthy of inclusion.

NEW #8 – Magenta.  Red-violet (aka Magenta) is in the TOP 5 favorite colors. It’s associated with Beauty, Love and Transformation. It’s a chakra that technically surrounds us but is mostly seen above the head and near the hands. Some have called this chakra the Soul Star, others call it the 9th chakra (Cyndi Dale) but the order is different as the 8th in her system is the Shamanic Chakra (she excludes Blue-Green.)

Yellow-green is Spring! It’s brand-new growth after the first rain.  Because it’s a little wobbly on its own, I included it with Green which is part of the Heart chakra as it breathes new life.

Not all the chakra colors stay these colors too. A lot of times, colors will mix where I’ll see red-violet mixed with the root chakra. This seems logical to me as red and red-violet close the loop on the spectral colors that are visible to us and are next to each other on the color globe.

My wish is that red-violet and blue-green get included and referred to as part of the main chakra colors. They are there and wish to be known.

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