silver hair: is wearing yellow bad?

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Does yellow look good with gray hair?

If you have gray, silver, or platinum hair, you’ve probably heard that wearing yellow is not the best for your hair color.  I tend to disagree.

First off, wearing a color suited to work with just your hair — and not considering your skin tone and eye color(s) — is wrong.

Secondly, not all yellows are bad.  Myth dispelled? Well, you decide.  I’ve adjusted the yellow sweater the woman is wearing to come up with a

(A) bright/saturated version,

(B) toned down version,

(C) tinted version and

(D) one that is a little muted and lightened.

Some work and some don’t. Which one(s) do you like?

There is no right or wrong answer…I’m curious to know what you think!

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