can yellow work for gray hair?

If you have gray, silver, or platinum hair, you’ve probably heard that wearing yellow is not the best for your hair color.  I tend to disagree.

Yellow can work for gray hair if you ensure it works with your own coloring. 

First off, wearing a color suited to work with just your hair — and not considering your skin tone and eye color(s) — is wrong.

Secondly, not all yellows are bad.  Myth dispelled? Well, you decide.  

can yellow work for gray hair

I’ve adjusted the yellow sweater the woman is wearing to come up with four different options which are based on my Color Personalities.

  • (A) Animated: a bright/saturated version many call sunflower,

  • (B) Dynamic: a toasted version similar to mustard,

  • (C) Clear: tinted version similar to a yellow rose

  • (D) Subdued: a toned and lightened version similar to a butter color. 


Some work and some don’t based on her silver coloring

But the real key is ensuring it aligns with her own color personality. Meaning, if she is mostly introverted, the bright yellow in A will never work for her.

If she is considered warm and friendly, she would enjoy wearing the mustard in B or even the tinted yellow in C.

You can take the Color Personality quiz here to learn more.

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

I’m an award-winning former brand marketer and personal stylist turned Intuitive Color Translator. I’ve created a method and system to reveal your true colors, connect you with your powerful presence and position you in the world as a powerful, creative force. I support creative entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders to embody the heart and soul of color and get ColorFluent. And I help gifted folks to make sense of the magical aspects of color so that they can work with it in doing what their soul came here to do. Get started in working with me by taking my assessment.
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