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the meaning of color

So many times we find ourselves wondering what a particular color means or signifies. The answer is usually inside of us as we all have experiences and learnings that shape our views on certain colors.

I’ll give a personal example:

When I was in high school, I fell in love with the colors pink, turquoise, gray and white.  I loved to experiment and I’d mix and match them for endless combinations…until one day when my friends made an intervention.

“We have counted the times you have worn pink and gray and it’s been 38 days and counting!” they exclaimed.  Ouch! Even though I didn’t wear the same items 38 days straight, it was the monotony of the same colors for 38 days that drove them crazy.

So, I did what any reasonable teenage girl obsessed with color does and I retired them and started adding different colors.

It was years later after I got my first ‘real’ job out of college that I found myself HATING pink….this continued all through my 12-year marketing career in corporate America. Pink felt weak to me. Too nurturing, too feminine. Ugh, you would never catch me in that color!

And then I had this realization in one of the IACC seminars on color psychology: the color you hate informs what you fear.

Hmmm…was I hating it because of the experience from high school? Was I afraid of showing my femininity…of being seen as nurturing?


So, I did an experiment and I bought something pink. Not the baby pink that I wore in high school (which seemed too innocent for me now) but a sexy, wild magenta pink that wasn’t too bright…a dynamic pink.

And, wow! I felt good and people responded to me lovingly…I didn’t feel weak, I felt strong.

Each color has a different meaning and what I learned is that the colors that work for you are aligned with your personal coloring and personality, specifically your color type.

I ended up putting together an awesome guide on Color Secrets and Meanings because it is my hope that you find the right color(s) for you and that you’ll overcome any color fears you might have.

In it, I feature all the hues of the spectrum including the secondary colors (blue-violet, red-violet, yellow-green and blue-green) and the achromatics (black, gray & white.) You’ll see the colors that are aligned with each color personality as well as the meanings and energy of the color.

And P.S., I love pink now.

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Color is the bridge to your own spiritual awakening and enlightenment... and the energy of color is here to support you. ........................ 🌈✨........................ I’m an expert in color who’s also a clairvoyant channel. In 2013, my gift took a spin and I started seeing colored soul visions of my clients as I was pulling colors for them. That is when I discovered we all have soul colors! (These are very different from the aura colors that I already was seeing.) ................................................................. I’m looking forward to sharing a bit more about the energy of color and some special channeled messages with you here. ................................................................. If you’re a creative, mystically-inclined coach or guide and would like to get aligned and prosperous, join my Thursday newsletter here: http://smpl.ro/newsletter
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