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discover the 9 soul colors and their meanings

Each of us has a Soul Color. Our souls were all created in light (light is made up of all colors in the spectrum combined.)

Our true nature is “as light, a ray that does not end, lives on and on, until it becomes one in essence with the source of light.”

Yet, there is one color in the spectrum assigned to you when your soul came to earth. That special color is your Soul Color.

Your Soul Color surrounds you and protects you; its meaning holds your divine purpose — it is what you are meant to fulfill.

When you start using & bringing attention to your Soul Color, you’ll become a more optimal version of yourself.


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But wait…there’s also a Life Path color!  Your Life Path color supports you in this life and helps you deliver on fulfilling your soul purpose.

This is more of a grounding & balancing color for your spirit. Use it in your home and also wear it…I have discovered that it’s typically your favorite color.

Soul Color Meanings

There are lots of meanings associated with each soul color in the rainbow — I’ve listed their summaries below to help you.

Red Soul Color

Purpose is to bring love, passion and action to the world. They are the ones that get things done – they tend to be active, adept at sports or physically coordinated. They also love being a part of the collective community and being close to their family and friends…they are constantly going to and/or planning activities.

Orange Soul Color

Purpose is to bring warmth, fun and laughter to the world. Oranges are full of life and lightness and enjoy life to the fullness. They are friendly, fun and enjoy moving/being active. They have a good sense of humor, love to laugh and see the humor in all situations.

Yellow Soul Color

Purpose is to bring clarity, acceptance, and belonging to the world. They are more independent but they are connectors and will build bridges and ladders for others. They bring a sense of belonging and accepting love…they lift the world up. They are non-judgmental and bring knowledge by sharing different perspectives…they enlighten.

Green Soul Color

Purpose is to be stewards of the planet and all species and facilitate growth. They are the healers & caretakers of the world — they are compassionate & nurturing. They tend to the gardens of the heart & soul of all beings and create harmony and maintain balance in relationships. They could be healers, green-thumbs, activists or teachers.

Blue-Green Soul Color

Purpose is to bring out truth through mass communication. They are truth-seekers and adventure/thrill-seekers who love to investigate and are very curious. They are very active in their communities (activists); they see the good in everyone and tend to be idealistic and optimistic. They enjoy being outside and having various adventures.

Blue Soul Color

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Purpose is to bring diplomacy and calm to the world. These are the peacemakers — they are pure in heart, loyal, dependable and spiritual. Their purpose is to bring divine will and infinite peace to the world. They bring balanced wisdom and provide harmonious perspectives so that all feel heard. They are the great communicators through speech, song, and art.

Blue-Violet Soul Color

Purpose is to help the world SEE. They have a deep intuition, understanding and knowing and are able to read between the lines and see things for what they are. They hold a high vibration which connects to source and provides them direct communication to share. They are calm and supportive and excellent communicators.

Violet Soul Color

Purpose is to creatively raise consciousness in the world. They are artistic, creative, spiritual, and have a deepened understanding of spirit and the divine. They also have a deep ability in providing the world a connection to the spiritual aspects of life. Many violets are in the healing & creative arts while many others are philosophers, teachers and spiritual guides.

Red-Violet Soul Color

Purpose is to bring beauty, transformation and compassion to the world. Everything they touch is purposed towards creating beauty — whether it is through art, color, design or clothing. They are highly sensitive (most are empaths) who are very compassionate and loving to all. They tend to be highly sensitive, creative, and live in organized chaos.


When thinking about color, it’s important to remember that color is 3D and colors connect in a sphere (or circle as you see below in the 2D image.

soul color meanings spectrum

For Munsell lovers (of which I am one), only 9 of the Munsell main hues are shown as Yellow-Green is included with Green.

The colors shown next to each other in the spectrum share a common purpose along with their key purpose that they bring to the world. For example, if you’re looking at Orange, their purpose is to bring fun/playfulness and they do that through action (shared with Red) and Joy (shared with Yellow.)

The beautiful thing about these colors is that when we work together for our highest good…for our planet’s highest good…we come together unified as light, as one.

2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

1. Determine your soul color with a Guided Meditation
2. Create an integrated and authentic life with private, intuitive guidance.

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