What ColorFluency has to do with expressing your true self + Power

Color is a language that pervades both the visible and invisible realms. And it expresses itself through your own physical coloring, your aura and your soul. 

When you understand and know how to express your own color messages, you become ColorFluent.  My ColorFluency method is all about guiding you to collaborate and work with color so you can express your true self and power.  

Instead of only discovering the best colors to wear, you discover what colors are aligned with your soul’s purpose, how you can deliver on your soul’s purpose and how to work with the energies of color to express yourself authentically.

Being ColorFluent means you can…

I help you bridge the gap by aligning all parts of you with the support of color. You discover the best colors to fill your environment with, the colors that support you energetically, and your soul colors. 

When you focus on the full and holistic use of color, true alignment happens for you. 

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

Join Creative, Soul-Led Entrepreneurs Growing Their Authentic Presence.

Every Thursday morning, you’ll get 1 helpful tip on creating alignment and using color energetically for your personal & professional growth.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece

I’m an award-winning former brand marketer and personal stylist turned Intuitive Color Translator. I’ve created a method and system to reveal your true colors, connect you with your powerful presence and position you in the world as a powerful, creative force. I support creative entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders to embody the heart and soul of color and get ColorFluent. And I help gifted folks to make sense of the magical aspects of color so that they can work with it in doing what their soul came here to do. Get started in working with me by taking my assessment.
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