3 Practices to Try Using the Color Cards

These personal ColorFluency cards are fun to play with for understanding color, for creating palettes, or even using as an Oracle!

If you have the cards, here’s 3 fun ways you can use them…

1. decide what color to wear

To prep, open up your closet and start pulling out the color cards that match with the colors in your closet. Keep the color cards in a stack nearby.

Then, to help you get dressed, play this fun game: Shuffle those cards together and pull one. That will be the color you wear for the day! 😂👗💃

2. Use it as an oracle

Gather an even number of your favorite and least-favorite colors together. 10 of each is usually good.

Ask a Yes or No question. Now, shuffle them together and a pull a card. If you pull a favorite-color card, your answer is Yes. A least-favorite card pulled means No.

color card oracle

3. Use it as your go-to palette

Pull all the cards related to your Color personality (since they’re noted on each card) and create your personal color palette from those. 🎨 Use these colors in your home and wardrobe.

Take the color personality quiz if you don’t know yours.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

I’m an award-winning former brand marketer and personal stylist turned Intuitive Color Translator. I’ve created a method and system to reveal your true colors, connect you with your powerful presence and position you in the world as a powerful, creative force. I support creative entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders to embody the heart and soul of color and get ColorFluent. And I help gifted folks to make sense of the magical aspects of color so that they can work with it in doing what their soul came here to do. Get started in working with me by taking my assessment.
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