how to speak color

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how to speak color

  What does Larchmere look like? Briny? How about Dynamo or Fusion?  No?  Okay…what about 325C? These are color names from Sherwin-Williams and Pantone.  Like most paint suppliers and color formula purveyors, colors are given a name or set of secret-coded numbers that leaves us guessing. Even when it comes to colors such as Light Pink, Battleship Gray, Turquoise, Magenta or Royal Blue…what … Read More

why our visual complements are key in what colors to wear

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why after-images are important in what to wear

So, there’s this story that in the 1950’s and 60’s, surgeons and doctors were complaining of headaches and eye strain after long moments in the operating room. Apparently they kept seeing blue-green spots after spending several hours at surgery. At the time, doctors and surgeons wore bright whites to convey ‘cleanliness’ yet those bright whites and bright lights in the surgery room … Read More