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June Energies: Releasing Layers

You are coming out of hibernation. Both in the physical world and energetically. Our planet is being supported energetically and has been undergoing an upgrade which you will start to feel this month as well.

Energetically, you are breaking out of your cocoon’s shell. Everyone’s process and duration is different but the emotional and subtle energy changes will be felt. You especially felt this last month as I discussed in the May Color Energies with the final breakthrough point occurring before the New Moon today.

What's Happening with your Energetic Layers

The current layer you have – or are- releasing is a thin transparent black shroud surrounding your field. It is almost like you are sloughing a skin off your energy body. This “skin” is part of your ego and story.

Stories that perhaps you have carried for far too long. That have formed your identity but were never true. There is a sense of loss as this is released (thus a break-down and subsequent breakthrough.) 

These layers of your ego are also associated with a dimensional energy. I am told there are 7 layers with the most outer layer (the 7th layer) associated with the 1st dimension.

The 5th layer is one of the most difficult as it’s associated with the 3rd dimension where we reside. It is difficult because that’s where the big stories you’ve held onto are loosened…and to your emotional psyche, this can be very depressing. You won’t know WHY you are sad but take time for you and physically hibernate for a few days.

The 4th layer, associated with the 4th Dimension is not as black — more gray — and I am told it will dissolve rather effortlessly if you ensure the 5th layer is completely released.

As far as the final layers, it’s not of importance right now…this is clearly for those enlightened beings (or at least close to that). I always use the Dalai Llama as a litmus test…he has such a beautiful energy and is close to as enlightened as I’ve seen. Does it really matter what dimensional energy he’s operating at?

Your metamorphosis is completing

For those of you that are releasing huge parts of your ego and negative thought patterns, you are moving into that desired state of non-duality, of becoming fully human.

You will emerge anew, like a newborn. One of the themes I’m seeing over and over again in my readings with clients is that your wings are emerging.  The beauty of your soul is singing and wants to be heard.

a joyful time coming forward

When you are naked and like a newborn (free from all thought) you will have no fear…this is a teaching by all the great masters from Yogananda to Jesus.

As you move forward, remember that your unlearning will cast out fear and worry. Below I share a poem from Jacques Lecarrière which communicates very eloquently this process.

A joyful time is coming and its time to create this new world we’ve been talking about, naked and fully human.  💞

Unlearning. Deconditioning your birth.
Forgetting your name. Going naked.

Sloughing away your last remains. Disrobing your memory.
Melting down your masks.

Ripping up your duties. Dismantling your certainties.
Disconnecting your doubts. Losing Control of your being.

Unbaptizing your springs. Unmapping your roads.
Shearing your desires. Gutting your passions.

Desacralizing the prophets. Discrediting the future.
Overturning the past. Discouraging Time.

Unknotting unreason. Deflowering delirium.
Defrocking the sacred. Sobering up from vertigo.

Defacing Narcissus. Delivering Gilead.
Deposing Moloch. Dethroning Leviathan.

Demystifying blood. Dissecting the monkey.
Disinheriting the ancestor.

Unburdening your soul. Unfailing your failures.
Disenchanting your despair. Unchaining your hope.

Delivering your madness. Defusing your fears.
Disencumbering your heart. Disappointing your Death.

Debasing your basis. Shredding your acquisitions.

Unlearn. Become naked.

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